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Coyotes fear they’ll have to play outside Arizona next season

On May 16, a referendum will be held in Tempe, Arizona. Basically, if the referendum (on the divestiture complex, including the Coyotes arena) doesn’t pass the board, the club will be in trouble.

Why would that be? Because it would nip in the bud the plan to build an arena in Tempe.

But what’s interesting is that, according to Frank Seravalli, the Coyotes are worried about the club’s future. According to the informant, the club’s directors are going door-to-door to talk to people.

And what’s worse? As read on the Habs and NHL website, their sales pitch doesn’t revolve around the Coyotes arena, but mainly around the other facilities in the complex. The NHL arena would be one point among many to convince the people of Tempe.

In the event of a negative referendum for the club, a plan for the future would have to be considered. And while we’re on the subject of staying in a university arena for another year, why not move the club right away?

In the event of a move, Houston could be a very logical possibility for the Coyotes.

Note that Houston has an NHL arena that can accommodate the Coyotes right now. So there’s a world out there where the Coyotes’ next home game is in Texas.

Since Houston is in the same area as Arizona and is a good market on Gary Bettman’s radar, it’s possible.

Of course, this raises the question of Quebec City. The NHL-calibre Centre Vidéotron is ready and waiting for an NHL team to return.

And even for junior, it’s full: the whole field hockey world has noticed. In Arizona… ah pis laissez faire.

However, you know as well as I do that Quebec City is far from being at the heart of Gary Bettman’s project. So don’t expect it to be a real possibility.

So we’ll wait until May 16.

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