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Félix Séguin launches a cry from the heart against online hate messages
The arrival of social networks in our society has obviously revolutionized many things.

Everything has become much more accessible, while contacting people has also become something much easier and simpler to do.

However, when we look at the positive side of the arrival of social networks, there is unfortunately also a lot of negative.

This negative side comes mainly from people who think they can do whatever they like on these platforms, and who don’t hesitate for a second before sending hateful and disrespectful comments to other people, usually public figures.

Many people take the liberty of saying anything to anyone and sending threats from behind their screens.

If we look simply at the world of sports, insults, threats and disrespectful comments are in full swing on a regular basis, whether directed at players, journalists or analysts.

One of those public figures who receives such horrible messages is TVA Sports’ Montreal Canadiens play-by-play announcer, Félix Séguin.

Séguin is not universally appreciated by CH fans, and is often criticized.

However, in no way does Félix Séguin deserve to receive hate messages and insults.

In fact, the CH game describer took the time to post a heartfelt cry this week on Facebook.

It’s a lovely, touching message from the Tricolor’s Saturday night voice.

He explains that receiving so many defamatory and hateful messages on a daily basis (even if they’re sent by people who represent a small percentage of society) becomes very difficult.

It’s a real shame to see people getting away with everything on social networks, hiding behind their screens.

Félix Séguin, nor anyone else, should have to put up with this.

So that’s why the CH game descriptor is inviting people to take the time to send some love to a public figure they love, in order to make a difference.

It’s a beautiful message and a beautiful gesture from Félix Séguin.

Here’s hoping that one day there will be a world without these web trolls.

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