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Marc-André Fleury plans to play one last season

Seasons come and go quickly in the National Hockey League, which also means that many of the league’s legends and star players are sadly approaching retirement.

Unfortunately, players age and slow down with time, and so they relinquish more and more of their place to the younger generation.

One such player is Quebec goalkeeper Marc-André Fleury.

Indeed, the finest and greatest moments of Fleury’s career unfortunately seem to be behind him.

The field hockey world’s most beloved goaltender was in his 20th season in the world’s best league this year.

20 seasons in the NHL is a lot, but is it enough according to the man himself?

Well, no.

The 38-year-old goaltender made it clear after last night’s elimination of the Minnesota Wild that he plans to play one more season before possibly retiring.

This is good news for the field hockey world, considering that Flower is a man and a player appreciated by all, both in his team’s dressing room and in those of other teams.

It was to be expected, however, that Fleury would play another season, given that there’s one season left on the two-year contract he signed with the Wild last summer.

However, it remains to be seen whether he will actually play this season with the Wild.

Why should he?

Firstly, because Fleury is no longer the team’s number-one goalie, as we saw in the playoffs, when he played just one game, leaving 24-year-old Swede Filip Gustavsson as the starting goalie for the remaining five games.

Flower would therefore probably be the Wild’s second goalie for next season.

Two, if Fleury wants a real shot at another Stanley Cup in his final NHL season, Minnesota probably isn’t the best place.

He could therefore decide to ask to be traded by the Wild to join a team aspiring to great honors.

As the saying goes, if you’re going to be a second goalie, you’d better be on a contending team.

However, from what we know of Fleury, he certainly won’t want to move his family again for just one season.

He should therefore stay in Minnesota for next season.

We wish him all the best, and who knows, maybe he’ll decide to extend his career beyond the 2023-2024 season.

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