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Nick Suzuki was at the Los Angeles Kings game

At the Kings in Los Angeles, celebrities are often seen attending games, since the team’s arena is right in the heart of the city… And also because there are famous people around every corner. At game number three between the Kings and the Oilers, Will Farrell was spotted in the building… But let’s just say he didn’t exactly go unnoticed. In fact, he didn’t do a very good job of it when you look at his black-and-white face painting:

That’s cool. However, during the fourth game between the two teams, which was also played in Los Angeles, it was a familiar face in Montreal who showed up to cheer on the team: Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki. Michel Laprise (Balle Courbe) discovered this earlier this morning and, on digging around, discovered that Suzuki was there to cheer on his great chum Sean Durzi. By the way, the CH number 14 took the time to take some photos with a few fans.It must be a weird feeling when you arrive to sit at your bench to watch the game and the person next to you is Nick Suzuki, a captain of an NHL team. Special , likewise.

@ballecourbeNick Suzuki went to cheer on the Kings in Los Angeles and thought he’d go incognito. But Balle Courbe has spies everywhere! #fyp #NickSuzuki #Suzuki #Canadiens #Kings #magiefondvert♬ Drum roll sound – Koki ipponnsugi

For those wondering: no, it wasn’t to meet Phillip Danault or Marc Bergevin. Seriously, I think it’s greatto see NHL players supporting their friends and family during the playoffs. You don’t have to look any further to remember Brady Tkachuk in Calgary last year, do you? Of course, some will argue that Suzuki had no business there because he doesn’t play for the Kings. Let’s not forget that it was the same speech that was attached to Tkachuk’s presence at the Saddledome, as he was there to cheer on his big brother Matthew… But, in reality, the guys have every right to do what they want.

In gusto

– Unbelievable.

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– Still! Gary Bettman must be happy.

– Please note:

– Good for the Jets. They’ll need him next game as they face elimination.

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