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Will Smith scored a beautiful goal

In two weeks’ time, we’ll have a better idea of what’s in store for the Habs at the draft. After all, with the lottery (May 8) just around the corner, we’ll be in slightly more familiar territory, and in theend, we’ll know whether Connor Bedard will still be a target. Allthisto say that if the Habs don’t win the lottery, one of the names that’s often bandied about is Will Smith. And why is that? Because the player, who knows Kent Hughes well and would like to be in Montreal, is said to be in the Montreal Canadiens’ sights.He’s not just in the CH’s sights, in fact.

All this to say that the actor the Rangers pitcher the Dodgers catcher the American development program prospect will be in demand at the next draft.A center like him, that’s attractive.

But since his season isn’t over yet, he has time to help himself out even more by representing the U.S. at the Under-18 tournament currently underway.He’s not exactly at the level of Adam Fantilli, who will play at the Worlds, or Connor Bedard, who can afford to say no to the Worlds, but Smith is still more than good enough.

As you can see, he probably spent many hours at his grandmother’s house during his youth. Why do I say this without really knowing it? Because he clearly learned to knit.

Of course, it’s important to mention that one goal doesn’t make a career, and Grant McCagg is right: just because the guy beat up younger players doesn’t mean it’s going to translate to the NHL. Take it for what it is: a great goal in a season.

Warning: the former Canadiens scout isn’t saying he shouldn’t be drafted. He’s just saying that you shouldn’t say that Kent Hughes should draft him just because he saw that beautiful game.He’s right: there’s more to scouting than that.

It’s no coincidence, however, that Smith is one of the most promising youngsters of his generation, and is highly rated by most. The center has great qualities, and he’s had a great season.

(Credit: Elite Prospects)

Remember that he’s committed to playing with Boston College for next season. I don’t think that’s going to stop any club from drafting him anyway. After all, I expect to see him playing in the NHL in 2024 if all goes well.

In Brief

– Referees again.

– He’s all about the playoffs.

– Ah well.

– Can he do it?

– Logical.

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