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Flames: Players complain about Darryl Sutter and team culture

Darryl Sutter’s future in Calgary seems more nebulous than ever. When the team let Brad Treliving go as general manager last week, the Flames were clear. Sutter was the man to trust until the organization found a new GM.But now, according to Eric Engels… Management saw a significant number of players complaining about the team’s culture following the end-of-season review.Could this force the team to make a decision sooner rather than later regarding the 64-year-old head coach?

It’s no secret that Sutter’s reputation is not unanimous. In fact, Sutter’s team disappointed considerably on the ice during the 2022-2023 season. Expectations were high and, in the end, the Flames weren’t even able to make the playoffs –even though, on paper, Calgary’s roster had everything to do so. It’s often said that it’s important to have a good corporate culture, and that just doesn’t seem to be the case in Calgary at the moment. The team will never move forward if the players aren’t happy… And we’ve seen a fine example of this this season. Let’s expect things to get moving pretty quickly if Eric Engels’ information is indeed true. A new GM, or possibly a new coach… We could be witnessing a new beginning for the Flames. And, many will agree with me when I say that the organization needs it.

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