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The Canadian made it possible for a man with an illness to live his dream

At a certain point in the season, the Habs gave a man suffering from an illness the chance to live out his dream by becoming the team’s equipment man for a day. Kent Hughes went out of his way to meet Clayton and offer him a one-day uClayn contract, which made for a beautiful moment.

The smile on Clayton’s face is worth its weight in gold, and the images shared on the CH’s Twitter account are simply stunning.I’ll leave you to watch the video below, and recommend that you go and get a box of tissues .

Clayton had the opportunity to learn how to sharpen a skate and to meet the Habs players.I especially love the sequence where we see him shoot pucks on one of the rinks at the Bell Complex in Brossard. He really looks like a pro ! I wrote yesterday that it was important to see the Habs get involved in the community because of the team’s popularity in Montreal… And the video above is a great example of that. In fact, the organization’s gesture probably didn’t cost very much, and at the end of the day, it made one of its fans happy.

It’s so, so worth noting.

En rafale

– It sure should help the Avalanche.

– She’s good. Basically, it’s true that it wouldn’t really have been surprising.

– Reinforcement for the Panthers.

– Great news for the Kings. Vilardi hasn’t played since March 26.

– No surprise here.

– Is Hernan Losada already in the doghouse?

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