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Gallagher: His girlfriend’s family helps him learn French

Over the past few months, we’ve learned that a number of Canadiens players will be taking courses to learn the French language. We don’t know the identity of all the players in question, but we do know that Nick Suzuki will be taking part. The captain’s goal is to be able to give a full interview in French one of these days, as he understands that the French language is important in Montreal.To his credit, I would have expected Brendan Gallagher to be one of the players taking part in these lessons, because we know how much he loves the city and how proud he is to play for the Habs. But, in reality… Maybe the assistant captain won’t need as much practice as his teammates.

The veteran, who will be spending the summer in British Columbia, already has a head start, as his girlfriend Emma’s Quebec family has been helping him learn French for some time now, while his girlfriend’s mom is taking English lessons. Gallagher told Stu Cowan (The Gazette) that he already knows one phrase in particular, having practised it quite often in recent months: “Mona, what’s for supper?”That’s Gallagher.

Gallagher has been able to spend a lot of time with his girlfriend in recent months due to his injury, and he’s enjoying it. She’s there to support him when things aren’t going well, and it’s the main guy who gets the benefit. That said, I think it’s cool to see the guys taking this seriously. After all, we know that in recent years, many fans have criticized the fact that the players didn’t make an effort to speak French… But it’s different now. In the end, it’s Chantal Machabée who can shout “mission réussie”. She wanted the players to at least make the effort to learn French after she was hired, and her plan is working so far.So much the better .

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