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Jake Evans is down south with Tyler Toffoli

With the regular schedule now over, players on non-playoff teams have a chance to rest up a bit. Some will be defending their country’s colors at the World Championship in May… while others will take the next few weeks to relax and recharge their batteries, before resuming training this summer. In Montreal, we know that Samuel Montembeault will be representing Canada at the World Championship, and that there’s a good chance Mike Matheson will be joining him. As for Martin St-Louis, he has declined the invitation to join the Canadian team’s coaching staff, and Nick Suzuki is too shaken up to take part in the tournament . As for the others, things are pretty quiet at the moment. After all, most of the guys are currently recovering from an injury in case the CH infirmary overflows at the end of the season. In order to unwind, the option of going south to toast the coconut is also popular with the players. That’s what Jake Evans chose to do, flying down where it’s warm in the company of none other than Tyler Toffoli. Nice little reunion between the two CH alumni.

Toffoli didn’t stay in Montreal for very long, and that’s even truer when you consider that he only played 89 games with the Habs. That’s not a lot… But the young veteran’s presence in the team’s dressing room was more than appreciated. We know he had a good relationship with the young players in the room.

Remember that this year, when his club was visiting the Bell Centre, the CH veteran went to dinner with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, and it was nice to see the Flames player was still close to the Canadiens’ stars. In fact, I have the impression that Toffoli’s stay with the CH left its mark in the sense that he seems to have made a lot of new friends in town. So much the better if that’s the case.

In burst

– They look ready.

– They have a chance to sweep the series tonight.

– Can’t wait to see it next game.

– With good reason.

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