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Espoirs: Adam Fantilli ranks 5th on Stéphane Leroux’s list

Adam Fantilli is somewhat in the shadow of Connor Bedard and Matvei Michkov for the upcoming NHL draft. After all, pretty much all eyes are on those last two names right now, andin terms of raw talent, they’re often said to be the best prospects in the next draft. Let’s not forget one thing, though. Fantilli, while a freshman in the NCAA, claimed an impressive 65 points in just 36 short games this season with the University of Michigan. That’s no mean feat. Once again, his performance is even more solid when you consider that he was only 18 and playing against guys older than him. In the eyes of just about every expert, he (Fantilli) should be drafted second overall next June, after Bedard. I say “pretty much” because Stéphane Leroux considers him to be the fifth-best prospect listed for the next draft, with Michkov at number two, Leo Carlsson at number three and Will Smith rounding out the top-4.That’s a bit interesting in that it’s probably the first time we’ve seen Fantilli’s name so low in such a ranking .

Stéphane Leroux explains that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Fantilli come out second because of what he’s been able to accomplish this year on the university circuit.He’s not taking anything away from him, but the fact that Fantilli “didn’t live up to expectations” at the last World Junior Championship, coupled with some people’s comments that the player “doesn’t always understand what’s going on in the game” seems to scare him a little.

Maybe he’ll come out second, Fantilli. Is he the second-best player in this draft? I’m not convinced.

Stéphane Leroux

Over time, we’ve discovered that the draft is not an exact science. It’s hard to really know what a youngster will be able to give you in two, three, four years…And that’s exactly why this time of year in the NHL calendar is always exciting. I respect Stéphane Leroux’s comments because, in reality, he’s probably one of the best experts on Quebec prospects (if not the best). He knows them all…But that doesn’t mean he’s right either in placing Fantilli fifth on his list of top prospects . What’snice is that he’s aware of it, too. Only time will tell on that score.

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