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Charles Barkley liked field hockey better than basketball

What’s more, how do you like the series? So far, it’s been a high-calibre affair. There’s intensity in the games being played on the Bettman circuit, and there’s a sense that rivalries are building. And the majority of the series are tight. After all, there will be no first-round sweep, and of the four series that have seen four games played, only two have a team in danger of elimination – much to the delight of the Habs. #Draft


What we’ve noticed is that the intensity is so high that it’s forcing the players to try everything to win. Lane Lambert, the Islanders’ coach, recently expressed his frustration with the officiating. The same goes for Marcus Foligno yesterday, and Sheldon Keefe, who accused the Lightning of manipulating the referees after their last game.John Tavares’ comments were small beer, after all.I’m not saying they’re not right in what they say, but it’s tiring to see that post-game comments are often turned against the referees. It getson my nerves, anyway.

But come on. That’s how a lot of people react to the excitement of the playoffs, and in the end, it’s a great result for the people who watch the NHL. And one of those people is Charles Barkley. The former NBA legend has never been afraid to say that field hockey is up his alley, and yesterday was no different.

As you can see, Barkley was assigned to cover a basketball game that lacked punch . And when asked if he thought the game was flat, he gave an answer that his bosses probably didn’t like and that the NBA commissioner probably isn’t happy with.

I was watching field hockey on TBS, I’m not going to lie. This game [the basketball game] is flat as hell.

Charles Barkley

There’s no denying it: basketball has a reputation for dynamism. But these days, field hockey is all about being catchy and keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

For Gary Bettman, who has often said recently that the playoff format isn’t an issue right now in the NHL, hearing such talk must be music to his ears.

And seeing a show like this must make his day.


– Twins support the Wild

– When will there be a World Junior Women’s Championship?[HF] – We’re in agreement. The CH did the right thing in taking a chance, though.

– Good question.

– I’d listen to him.

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