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Claude Julien’s name is (still) linked to that of the Senators

Ottawa is feeling the disappointment right now, as the Senators really wanted to make the playoffs this season. The additions of Claude Giroux, Alex DeBrincat and Cam Talbot weren’t enough to get the team where it needed to be… which can be very frustrating.

And, when an NHL team hasn’t been able to live up to expectations for several years now, as is the case in Ottawa, management doesn’t hesitate to stir the pot. In the end, it’s still a business. All this to say that head coach DJ Smith’s job is not secure within the Senators organization. At least, that’s what it sounded like when Pierre Dorion spoke to the media earlier this morning about his team’s season, refusing togive his coach a vote of confidence and insisting on not talking about Smith’s future behind the bench… and that’s all it took for the rumour mill to get going . Infact, it’s what Shawn Simpson (TSN 1200) reported that’s getting most of the attention. Simpson tweeted that the end seemed nigh for Smith in Ottawa, but he wants us to keep an eye on the possibility of Claude Julien becoming the Sens’ next coach. Remember, this isn’t the first time Julien’s name has been linked to Ottawa. Journalist Sylvain St-Laurent stated last December that he “wouldn’t be surprised” to see the scenario materialize, given the bond of trust between Julien and GM Pierre Dorion.

It’s not crazy. But… that’s if Pierre Dorion doesn’t lose his job too. After all, there could be big changes in Ottawa with the sale of the team and the arrival of a new owner… And in fact, Dorion’s team has missed the playoffs for the last six seasons.Only time will tell .As for Julien, let’s not forget that he didn’t find a job in the NHL following his dismissal in Montreal, but became a consultant for HC Ambri-Piotta last winter. We know he wouldn’t close the door on a return to the National League, and if he’s given the chance to manage the Senators team, I find it hard to believe he’ll turn it down.


Stone will be in uniform tomorrow.

– It’s all part of the game now, I guess…

– Can’t wait to see it.

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