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Field hockey Canada: Trudeau government re-approves funding

Ever since it came to light that Hockey Canada was using taxpayers’ money to cover up horrific sex scandals, let’s just say the federation’s reputation has taken a hit. In the end, in the wake of (among other things) the 2018 scandal with Junior Team Canada, heads fell at the top of the pyramid and changes were made. To make sure that happened, the Trudeau government cut off funding to the federation in June 2022. The government wanted to see changes take place before restoring funding to Hockey Canada, and now it has: it has been restored, as announced yesterday.

It’s important to note, however, that federal sports minister Pascale St-Onge isn’t going to blindly give Hockey Canada the money to continue, but there are conditions that must be met by Hugh Fraser, Hockey Canada’s new chairman of the board, and his team.

Firstly, HC will absolutely have to inform Sport Canada of the new administration’s progress in maintaining the culture change within the company. Secondly, the recommendations of the Cromwell report as well as the Henein & Hutchinson report will have to be followed. Thirdly, Hockey Canada must continue to promote a program (which is independent, for those wondering) that serves to prevent abuse: Sport Without Abuse.

If this is not done, funding will be cut again.

Hockey Canada must address the issues of safe sport, such as toxic behaviour, the trivialization of sexual violence and the culture of silence, which have all too often made the headlines. There is no reason why such situations should continue to plague field hockey or any other sport

. –

Pascale St-Onge

But does this make everyone happy? No, of course not. Because Hockey Canada’s coffers aren’t exactly empty ($98 million last June), and because the whole thing is happening pretty quickly, there are some people who are against the idea right now. Among them? The Bloc Québécois.

The investigations into the events of 2003 and 2018 are still ongoing. Add to this the fact that the Bloc doesn’t believe that such major changes could have been implemented in four months at Hockey Canada, and it confirms its stance. The fact that HC’s funding comes before an independent public inquiry and a report from the Status of Women Committee (which had been unanimously called for by the House of Commons) also comes into play.


– Will the Preds change coaches?

– Good question.

– One to watch.

– We complain when the clubs aren’t good and question when the division is too tough?

– Nice amount.

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