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Canadiens: NHL’s longest streak without a 40-goal scorer

Before his shoulder injury, Cole Caufield was scoring goals at a furious pace. He had scored 26 in just 46 games, for a total of 46 goals in a full season. Finally, the CH had a potential 40-goal scorer on its hands. Surprisingly, he still finished as the team’s leading scorer, tied with Nick Suzuki.

In fact, this is hardly a surprise, since for nearly 30 years, the Tricolore has been the laughing stock of the NHL when it comes to the production of its forwards.

Indeed, as reported by HabsolumentFan, a Reddit user nicknamed Go_Habs_Go31, has compiled statistics demonstrating the offensive lethargy that Montreal has been experiencing for several decades. The Habs are the team that hasn’t had a 40-goal scorer for the longest time, during Vincent Damphousse’s 1993-1994 season.

The Habs haven’t had a 40 goal scorer since ’94, a 50 goal scorer since ’90, an 82 point scorer since ’08 & a 100 point scorer since ’82.
by u/Go_Habs_Go31 in Habs

Even the Kraken, which has only been around for two years, has more 40-goal scorers than the Tricolore has had in 25 years…

Max Pacioretty came close, however, when he scored 39 in 73 games during the 2013-2014 season.

However, this is not an isolated case. The CH is also the second team with the longest drought for a 50-goal scorer (Stéphane Richer 1989-1990). Worse still, it’s the team without a 100-point scorer for the longest time (Mats Naslund 1985-1986).

In the case of the latter two statistics, however, there’s a slight downside, as more recent franchises such as the Blue Jackets, Predators, Kraken and Golden Knights have never had one.

Although the Habs enjoyed some playoff success during this period, it’s still a good example of the organization’s problems. For almost three decades, the team has been sorely lacking in offensive stars, an absolutely necessary element for any team aspiring to great honors.

Normally, Caufield should soon put an end to the 40-goal drought. On the other hand, Nick Suzuki doesn’t seem to have the offensive potential to become more than a one-point-per-game scorer.

So who will be the next CH player to score 100 points? The answer probably doesn’t lie in the current roster.

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