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Devon Levi to battle Samuel Montembeault for playing time at World Championship

In the past few days, we’ve learned that goaltender Samuel Montembeault has chosen to represent Canada at the upcoming World Hockey Championships.Clearly, he’s still hungry after his first career season of 40 NHL outings.This is good news for giving him even more playing time, but it’s also good news for CH fans. After all, we know that Martin St-Louis and Nick Suzuki turned down Canada’s invitation… but at least the Flanelle will be represented. All this to say that it will be interesting to see Monty play in a context like this following the end of his second season with the Habs. Why would that be? Because the addition of two new data points fascinates me. Firstly, journalist Steve Turcotte reported that the goaltender should be AndrĂ© Tourigny’s right-hand man in front of the net for the tournament. Did he get any guarantees? Possibly.And then, that means he should get more playing time than Devon Levi, who has also confirmed his presence at the World Championships.

Devon Levi’s presence is interesting since the Sabres’ Quebecer had a fine season at Northeastern (NCAA) this season, but he especially finished his campaign well in Buffalo. His first steps in the NHL were very conclusive.

It’s normal for an established keeper to be faced with a prospect. But it’s also interesting to note that Levi, who finished his season in Buffalo and will finish his university term in Boston before heading to the World Championship, has his place in the sun.No, Canadian goalies aren’t as dominant as they used to be, and yes, some guys turn down their country’s invitation, but still: it’s a nice honor for the Montreal native.Of course, it will be interesting to note the dynamic between the two. But why? Because the Habs have always liked the goaltender… and the goaltender has always liked the Habs too. There have already been discussions to this effect between Buffalo and Montreal in recent months.

Of course, I’m not saying that Levi(who wants to start next season in Buffalo) will be heading to Montreal, since all indications are that the Sabres want to keep him. I’m just saying that it’s all very interesting… The tournament starts on May 12.

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