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Kevin Weekes sparks discussion of Georgia arena project
When Kevin Weekes talks tweet, we listen read. Over the past few years, the former NHL goalkeeper has earned a reputation for scooping on social networks. With his eye-popping visuals (including videos in which the framing of his face is enough to make any photographer vomit), he often attracts attention.

And yesterday, it was via a tweet accompanied by a map of Georgia’s cities that the man himself set things alight.

Basically, he said to watch for an announcement regarding an arena development project in Georgia to house a field hockey team. He didn’t mention the size of the project or the city, but in the center of the map is Atlanta. Weekes finally added the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams: if you build it, they will come.

Understandably, there are many reactions to the announcement. Is Gary Bettman, who values his southern markets and must still regret sending the Thrashers to Winnipeg, up to something? After all, it’s important to remember that in recent weeks, Atlanta’s name has begun to circulate again in the NHL as a possible expansion team.

It’s worth what it’s worth, of course, but there’s a lot of buzz about it. The fear at the moment is that Atlanta, which has lost two franchises to Canada (Calgary and Winnipeg), will take revenge on Canada by stealing a club from Quebec City, which already has its own arena.

Obviously, there’s a world where we don’t talk about the NHL and we don’t talk about Atlanta. Maybe there’s an AHL project in a nearby city, which would explain Weekes’ map and not a photo of Atlanta per se. I’m officially intrigued, then.

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– Too bad.

– If he pitches well on Saturday, his bad outings will be forgotten.

– Good questions.

– Nice challenge.

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