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Bruins: A nasty virus is spreading through the organization

The NHL playoffs begin tonight. Four “first” games are on the schedule, including the one between the Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers. Obviously, the Bears are seen as the series favourites. That’s understandable, given that they’ve just broken the record for most wins in a single season and are the team to beat this year. But… things could get complicated pretty quickly for Jim Montgomery’s men. In fact, it’s the coach’s comments that are causing concern just a few hours before the first match-up against the Panthers. The coach confided this morning that a nasty virus is spreading within the organization… And that could force a few players to miss tonight’s game. Of the lot, Montgomery wouldn’t say whether Patrice Bergeron and Linus Ullmark will be in the lineup in a few hours.

It’s not an ideal situation for anyone on the Bruins’ side, but the team will have to find a way out. They’ve got the talent and the arsenal to do it, though, and the big guns will have to step up to compensate for the loss of the players who won’t be able to play tonight. David Pastrnak, Brad Marchand and company will have big shoes to fill, and they’ll have to answer the call if they don’t want to be surprised by the Floridian outfit. It’sa shame, because the expectations are huge for the Boston team… But that’s part of the game. It’s up to the Panthers to take advantage one way or another. We know that anything can happen in the playoffs, and that’s even more true now that the Panthers could be facing an unhealthy Boston team. That’s why we love the spring tournament.

In Brief

– A great initiative.

– He’s right.

– Connor Bedard with the Flyers? The NHL would love to, according to Elliotte Friedman.

– The Ducks have lost their last 13 games of the season.

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