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Presidents’ Trophy winner hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 2013
Credit: Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

Each season, the Presidents’ Trophy is awarded to the team that accumulates the most points during the regular season.

This year, it was the New York Rangers who earned the “honor”.

The problem? For several years now, the team that wins the Presidents’ Trophy hasn’t been able to win the Stanley Cup.

Since the Hawks won the trophy and the Stanley Cup in the same season in 2013, no club has been able to repeat the feat.

That’s quite a stretch… And it fits in with the series format that was changed 10 years ago :

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The Rangers have “come close” twice.

They made it to the conference finals in 2015… And they just lost (in the conference finals) to the Florida Panthers.

But in all of this, there’s something that’s pretty easy to understand: even if a club dominates during the regular season, deep down… It doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to lift the big trophy down the line.

In the playoffs, it’s different because the game isn’t the same. Defensive systems are tighter, there’s less space on the ice…

And that’s where wesee the true nature of each of the teams taking part in the spring dance.

Of course, each team must also perform well in the regular season to secure a playoff spot.

That’s important too.

That said, can we blame the “new” playoff format for the situation?

The question arises because, year after year, we see big clubs battling it out in the first round, and it certainly changes the image of the playoffs every season.

But it also proves that there’s a great deal of parity in the National League (among the competitive clubs).

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