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Darnell Nurse stopped talking to the media… After one minute and short answers
Credit: Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images
The Oilers have a nasty problem on their hands.

I’m not saying that because they’re behind in their series against the Dallas Stars…

Rather, I’m saying it because Darnell Nurse, who earns a salary averaging $9.25 million per season, has been playing like an AHL guy since the start of the playoffs.

The defenseman is being heavily criticized in Edmonton right now, and that’s only to be expected.

Nurse has just two points (two assists) in 15 playoff games this year… And that’s 12 games in a row in which he hasn’t finished with a positive differential.

It’s been really, really, really tough since Game 5 of the series against the Kings :

(Credit: ESPN)

Any NHL player on a salary similar to Nurse’s has to be able to make a positive impact on the ice for his club.

Without exception. After all, in the playoffs, teams need their best players to be the best on the ice, and that’s far from the case with Nurse right now.

Obviously, frustration is starting to set in for the main man, and we saw it earlier today when he spoke to the media.

He was quite curt with the journalists who were on hand to talk to him, and decided to leave a minute after he started answering the media’s questions:

Connor McDavid, who wears the “C” on his jersey, came to his teammate’s defense.

Because in the captain’s eyes, Nurse is an important part of the team… Even though it’s been tough lately :

He gives us everything he’s got, and always has, for a long time […] He’s a big part of the room. – Connor McDavid

McDavid expects the defenseman to be able to bounce back, starting tonight:

The Stars currently lead the series 2-1, with Game 4 set for tonight in Edmonton (8pm).

Note that Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch wouldn’t reveal his game… But he did confirm that there will be changes to Edmonton’s lineup for tonight’s game.

But no matter which player comes in or out of the line-up, one thing is clear: Darnell Nurse needs to have a good game, and he needs to wake up.

Because when it comes down to it, his club needs him against the Dallas Stars’ potent forward.

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