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Five lost picks (and one hope) later… Tanner Jeannot is on the market in Tampa
Credit: Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images
At the 2023 trade deadline, the Lightning paid top dollar to acquire Tanner Jeannot from the Predators.

Julien BriseBois parted with a first-round pick (2025), a second-round pick (2024), a third-round pick (2023), a fourth-round pick (2023), a fifth-round pick (2023)… And he also sent Cal Foote to Nashville in the same transaction.

That’s huge for a player who just finished the campaign with 14 points in 55 games.

The Lightning need to create space on their payroll, which is why Elliotte Friedman said in a recent episode of his podcast that Jeannot could leave Tampa this summer.

The big forward earns an annual salary of $2.665 million and his contract expires at the end of next season.

Tony Marinaro weighed in on the subject in his BPM Sports column of the day, and in his view, the Habs could be interested in Jeannot’s services because he “fits the Habs’ needs”.

Kent Hughes wants to add a big man to his lineup, and Jeannot fits that bill, after all:

The idea is relatively interesting because Jeannot is a player who distributes a lot of checks.

He hits, he’s good at forechecking, he creates space for his teammates… And he’s already had a 24-goal season in the NHL (2021-2022).

He could be a good addition to the 3rd or 4th line, but I don’t see Kent Hughes acquiring him for big money.

But then again, the Lightning don’t have much to give away because they don’t have many draft picks or quality prospects.

Jeannot’s value has dropped drastically in the last year and a half because he hasn’t produced up to expectations since his arrival in Tampa, and I find it hard to believe that the Habs would want to get their hands on a player who’s struggling on the ice.

In fact, it doesn’t fit Kent Hughes’ mentality.

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