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Cole Caufield admits: playing in Montreal can be stressful
Credit: Photo by Arianne Bergeron/NHLI via Getty Images
Since his arrival in the NHL, Cole Caufield has quickly established himself as one of the faces of the Habs franchise. Whether for his scoring skills or his charisma off the ice, he has quickly become a crowd favorite.

One of the favorites of a crowd that, for years, had been looking for a top-quality goal scorer.

And last summer, the Habs secured their long-term goal scorer. Caufield signed an eight-year contract for $7.85 million a year, a pact that confirmed his place as an important part of the team.

However, this role comes with a little more pressure, of course… and Caufield is well aware of this.

In an interview with a Slovak journalist at the World Championship, Caufield admitted that playing in Montreal can be stressful at times.

Our colleagues at HabsAndLNH also reported the news.

On the whole, he has a fairly positive view of the market, praising it as one of the best places to play hockey and loving the passion of the fans. That said, he knows that passion can quickly turn to pressure, and he has to deal with that.

We know that the pressure in question affected him in 2021-22, when he had such a difficult start to the season that he was sent back to the AHL. In the end, it was a municipal rink in Montreal that gave him the pleasure of playing again.

Obviously, the pressure is much greater on the shoulders of Caufield, who has the big contract and is a big talent, than on depth players. And that’s not going to change any time soon.

The good news is that he seems to have a positive assessment of Montreal in spite of everything. Let’s hope it stays that way for the next seven years (at least), now.

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