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Corey Perry earned $50,000 thanks to his teammates
Credit: Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images
Corey Perry is having an eventful season, to say the least.

With everything that happened in Chicago leading up to the end of his contract, the player attracted attention for all the wrong reasons. But even so, the Oilers took a chance on him at minimum salary.

He ended the season in Alberta. It’s safe to assume that this will be his last season on the Bettman circuit.

The contract he signed included bonuses. Not all players are eligible for bonuses, but he is. And the Oilers took advantage of the situation to give him some.

The biggest was a $225,000 bonus if he played 10 regular-season games. He played 38, and the goal was clearly to carry bonuses over to 2024-2025.

But in the playoffs, he also had bonuses in his contract. And yesterday, on the heels of the Oilers’ victory, he collected a $50,000 bonus. The condition? He had to play at least 50% of his team’s games in the first two rounds and see the Oilers reach the final four to collect his money.

And even though he didn’t play yesterday, the guys went out and got it for him. That must have been THE main reason they wanted to win yesterday’s game, clearly. #OuPas

The Habsolument Fan site also reports, based on information from the PuckMedia site, that if the Oilers reach the final, Perry will earn another $50,000 as a bonus.

Nothing too serious.

He’s played 10 of his team’s 12 games, so he’s guaranteed to play at least 50% of his team’s games in the first three rounds… even if he doesn’t get to put on his uniform again.

I can’t wait to see if he plays again. After all, even if he doesn’t have any points in the playoffs, he’s still an experienced player.

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