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Anthony Mantha would meet a need with the Canadiens
Credit: Photo by Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images
When the Vegas Golden Knights acquired Anthony Mantha at the trade deadline, they wanted to see good offensive production from him in the playoffs.

Not only did he play in only three of the Knights’ seven playoff games, but he was blanked from the scoresheet in every game.

Now he’s as free as a bird, and with the acquisition of Tomas Hertl in particular, it’s hard to imagine him returning to the City of Vice.

Could he be a good option for the Habs?

It’s not the first time Mantha’s name has been linked to the Habs, but this time it wouldn’t be far-fetched. columnist Bob Trask has weighed in on the matter, and his points are quite interesting.

The 6-foot-5 forward ranks very well in terms of distance covered in a game and top speed (67th and 74th percentile). He also has an excellent shot, which is no mean feat.

Trask didn’t touch on the defensive elements, as he believes his possible Montreal teammates could compensate.

He mentions that the Habs lack the elements in which he stands out, and he’s not wrong. A new phase of rebuilding is beginning, and the team will be looking to add players with some NHL experience who can score.

Martin Necas has been mentioned a few times, but Mantha could be another interesting name.

The only snag is his age, which doesn’t fit with the average player, but with an acceptable salary and, above all, a reasonable number of years, he’s a good fit.

He has what the Habs don’t currently have to be a more balanced club.

In gusto

– He’s making his mark.

– The LPHF final is on.

– What a stat!

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