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Coyotes in Utah: André Tourigny will be under more pressure than expected
Credit: Photo by Morgan Hancock/Getty Images

When it was announced that the Coyotes were moving to Salt Lake City, it took some time before André Tourigny’s return to the helm was confirmed.

In the end, it was done, but his future was/is not certain. Yes, the Quebecer had just signed a three-year extension, but that doesn’t mean anything. After all, Sheldon Keefe has just lost his job and his two-year contract extension still hasn’t taken effect…

Plus, there’s a new owner, who might have wanted to bring in his own people. In addition to the new owner, another Tourigny boss has been added to Utah’s organizational chart.

Chris Armstrong (no relation to Bill Armstrong, the GM) has long been working with Ryan Smith to buy an NHL team. Armstrong will have the highest management position (excluding owner) in an NHL hierarchy.

Another high-ranking member of the team means more pressure for Tourigny.

It was Armstrong who negotiated Kyle Dubas’ contract in Pittsburgh. The team’s new employee has just left his job at Wasserman.

As for Tourigny, we have a feeling that next season will be an important one for him. The team wants to win right away, and seasons of misery like those the Coyotes have experienced in Arizona in recent years will be unacceptable under the new regime.

I love André Tourigny: he’s a local guy, takes the time to interview Quebec media and is an excellent instructor. His players love him. Now, will his new bosses love him?

You can never blame the Quebecer for his lack of intensity. But in his first three years at the helm of the Coyotes, he has an 89-131-26 record. That’s far from good, and from 2024-2025 onwards, he’ll have to stick to winning campaigns.

The pressure is on more than ever for the 49-year-old, 50 in five days’ time.

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