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Thatcher Demko is back in form, and Rick Tocchet has an important choice to make.
Credit: Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images

The Canucks aren’t lucky.

Thatcher Demko was injured in Game 1 of the series against the Predators… so much so that Casey DeSmith had to replace him.

But in Game 3 of the series against the Preds, it was DeSmith who was injured. The result? Arturs Silovs has been keeping goal for Vancouver ever since.

DeSmith, in the end, only had to miss Game #4 of the series against the Preds… But Silovs was so good in Game #4 that Rick Tocchet doesn’t hesitate to trust him.

That said, there’s a big problem brewing in Vancouver right now.

Demko’s health is improving rapidly (he faced shots today)… And when he’s ready to play, Tocchet will have a big decision to make.

Dowe trust Silovs, who got the team to where it is right now…Or do we trust Demko, who could return in Game #6 and is unquestionably one of the best goalies in the National League?

The question arises:

There are two possible options here.

Either the Canucks go with Silovs… But if that’s the case, he has no right to make a mistake.

Like, one bad goal and he’s OUT.

Otherwise, the team knows that Demko can be reliable even if he’s coming back from injury.

That said, in both cases, Casey DeSmith would be the one to take the hit, and that makes sense.

The thing is, Arturs Silovs is so hot right now that the Canucks don’t have the “right” to pack him in… And Demko can’t be left out because of his enormous talent.

All this to say that Rick Tocchet is going to have to scratch his head, because the decision won’t be easy.

Let’s also remember that, at the moment, the Canucks vs Oilers series is tied 2-2.

In gusto

– Me, too.

– New contract for David Rittich in Los Angeles.

– Whoa!

– Well done.

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