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The Canadian must be delighted to see Anton Silayev increasingly sought after
Credit: Photo by Maksim Konstantinov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
As you know, the Habs want to draft a quality forward this June. And to give themselves the best possible chance of achieving this, the club will have to hope that some defensemen emerge in the top-4.

After Macklin Celebrini to San Jose (the only certainty), it’s not clear what the Blackhawks will do. Ivan Demidov and Artyom Levshunov are two names that are often mentioned…

But it seems that giant defenseman Anton Silayev is attracting more and more attention, as reported by Mathias Brunet (La Presse) this afternoon.

Silayev, who many people see as a kind of future Zdeno Chara, should emerge in the top-4, according to Bob McKenzie. And according to Corey Pronman, he’s sure to go out in the top-5… and Chicago could take him.

The Habs are drafting in the top-5 and they won’t be drafting a left-handed defenseman with their pick. So we’re not talking top-4 anymore.

All of which makes this good news for the Habs, since I don’t see Ivan Demidov and Artyom Levshunov coming out of the top-4 either. And if they do, it’ll be even better news.

The result? Cayden Lindstrom should be available for the Habs in that scenario.

Does that mean nothing can change that? Not necessarily. After all, it’s possible that Chicago and Anaheim take Ivan Demidov and Artyom Levshunov (in order or out of order) and Columbus falls in love with Lindstrom.

Personally, I think the Habs should be happy if Demidov, Lindstrom or Levshunov were to be available at #5. Seeing Silayev (who played injured in the playoffs in 2024) have a good chance of breaking into the top-4 is therefore excellent.

I know many don’t want a defenseman, but Levshunov is a favorite. I’d take Lindstrom and Demidov first, but a right side led by David Reinbacher and Levshunov… that would be interesting.

However, I think Cayden Lindstrom will be within the Habs’ reach. But everything can change quickly.

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