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Draft: Anton Silayev really in Columbus’ sights (and that’s good for the Habs)
Credit: Photo by Maksim Konstantinov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
The more time passes, the more we realize that in an ideal world, Cayden Lindstrom would be available at #5 for the Habs.

Well, in an ideal world, Ivan Demidov would be available and in a perfect world, Macklin Celebrini would be there. But I’m going to correct myself and say in an ideal world that’s realistic.

The big question is whether a club will choose Lindstrom first.

For the Habs, it’s what happens in Columbus that will be interesting. After all, I don’t see Lindstrom going in the top-3 of the draft, and I don’t see the Ducks needing a Lindstrom.

I really have a feeling that if the Ducks don’t draft a defenseman, it will be because the Blackhawks will have taken Artyom Levshunov, which would leave Demidov in Anaheim.

But what about the Blue Jackets? Will they be looking for a defenseman? Cayden Lindstrom?

According to Scott Wheeler’s first mock draft , the Habs will be able to draft Lindstrom because Demidov and Levshunov will be in the top-3 and left-handed defenseman Anton Silayev will go to Columbus.

For the Habs, this would be a truly ideal world, as it would mean that two defensemen would emerge in the top-4 (which is desirable) before taking the floor.

But it goes further than that: here’s a sentence I took away from Wheeler’s text, which is well connected to the hopefuls.

The more people I’ve been talking to over the last few days, and the more I think about it, the more Silayev is a focal point [for Columbus]. – Scott Wheeler

If Columbus is really interested in a left-handed defenseman (to complement David Jiricek), it would be perfect for the Habs, who don’t need a left-handed defenseman.

We know that – and Kent Hughes isn’t hiding it either.

Silayev recently mentioned that Columbus and Salt Lake City are two teams that have recently shown a great deal of interest in his candidacy.

And all this is good for the Canadiens. The more defensemen that make it into the top-4, the more choices Kent Hughes will have.

Of course, this may change, since the draft isn’t around the corner and because it’s hard to talk about Columbus’ GM philosophy at the draft when the club hasn’t yet named its GM.

But hey. If Trevor Timmins (who works in Columbus) wanted to redeem himself in Montreal, he could help his former club by pushing his Blue Jackets bosses towards the left-handed defenseman. It would be the least he could do, say his detractors in Montreal.

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