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The Habs have long been interested in Ivan Demidov
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Recently, there’s been a lot of talk in Montreal about Ivan Demidov.

He’s seen by many as a logical top-three pick in the upcoming draft…

But as my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois explained earlier today, there’s a good chance the Russian could slip to No. 5, the Montreal Canadiens’ selection.

It’s worth mentioning because the Habs like Ivan Demidov.

We’ve heard it a few times in recent days…

And Arpon Basu returned to the baton today on BPM Sports, saying that the Habs have been interested in the young man for “a long time” :

This lunchtime on TSN 690, Mitch Gallo and Sean Campbell questioned whether the Habs should move up to No. 2 to select Ivan Demidov.

My point is this: if Kent Hughes and his assistants are afraid of losing him, they should go all out to get him.

But Hughes has everything he needs to make such a deal, if he really wants to get Demidov in the draft.

Kent Hughes’ main idea is to add natural talent to his roster, and Demidov is exactly what he can bring to a National League team.

The GM must follow his plan at the end of the day.

If adding a guy like Ivan Demidov can help the team in the long term… then go.

Because the Habs won’t have the opportunity to select in the top-10 forever. It’s the perfect time to hit a home run… no matter what the price.

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