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Jim Montgomery intended not to return with Jeremy Swayman
Credit: Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

I’ve said it before, but Jim Montgomery hasn’t impressed me since the start of the playoffs. I don’t consider him to be making the Boston Bruins any better, from what we’re seeing right now.

Would you like one more example than the ones I gave last week?

According to Renaud Lavoie, who spoke about the goaltender this morning on BPM Sports, Jim Montgomery intended to keep Jeremy Swayman out of the net for tomorrow’s Game 2 of the series.

The Quebec coach told reporters this (because he wants to give both goalies a chance early in the series to keep the hot one hot) before yesterday’s Game #1… but he obviously changed his mind last night after seeing his goalie play admirably against the Panthers.

He may change his mind again, but obviously he wants to go with Swayman for the next game… which is the right thing to do. Why do we always have to reinvent hockey?

Let’s face it: the Bruins have two good goalies. I’m not saying Linus Ullmark should never play in the playoffs again, but…

But how can any coach be thinking seriously about getting Swayman out at this point? The goalie is on fire and he’s THE reason the Bruins are in the driver’s seat in the playoffs. #Swaymania

I understand that the goalie isn’t used to playing so much. I understand that the Bruins have two goalies. I also understand that the rotation has proven itself during the season.

But now we’re in the playoffs. You have to give your hot goalie a chance to keep his job.

If at any point you feel Swayman is running out of steam, Ullmark will be there to take a game without a problem, and that’ll be fine. But at the moment, things are going more than well with Swayman. We don’t feel he’s running out of steam.

Changing goaltender in the first round almost cost the Bruins the series, since without changing goaltender, the Bruins would have had a chance to sweep the series instead of risking a loss in seven.

Why make the same mistake again?

As Renaud Lavoie pointed out, the Bruins’ #1 goalie right now is calm as a cucumber, and he’s winning games. To remove him would be to open the door to the Panthers… and why would you want to do that?

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