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“Engstrom is light years ahead of Norlinder”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
This morning, Canadiens fans were treated to some great news.

The club announced the signing of Adam Engstrom

An intriguing prospect, but just as interesting for Tricolore fans.

After all, Engstrom was drafted 92nd overall (2022 draft) and has done well this season in Sweden, with Rogle’s squad.

Is he the Habs’ saviour on the blue line for the future?

The answer is no.

But Mathias Brunet told BPM Sports that we can expect to see him become a top-4 defenseman in Montreal…

Because, in his eyes, Engstrom is “light-years ahead” of Mattias Norlinder at the same age :

You know, we went crazy about Norlinder back then…? Engstrom is light-years ahead of Norlinder. – Mathias Brunet

We don’t know where Engstrom will play next year… But the Habs like him a lot, and the defenseman will follow the organization’s advice:

Expectations are high… But we need to calm down too.

That said, the parallel is interesting to raise because Norlinder and Engstrom were both drafted in the third round.

Norlinder, on the other hand, was seen by some as a true stud on the blue line… And he was never able to live up to expectations.

After all, Mattias Norlinder had a big camp with the Habs last fall… But there’s a reason why he hasn’t played in the NHL since the 21-22 season.

You can’t expect Adam Engstrom to fill the net in the NHL, and you can’t expect him to become a dominant player in the big leagues.

But the defender’s progress is interesting, and it’s the Habs’ turn to follow suit.

The goal is to help him become the best defenseman he can be… whether in Montreal or Laval next year.

It’s going to be interesting to watch, at least.

In bursts

– With good reason.

No way

– Bravo!

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