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Dubois: a non-movement clause in his contract will be activated on July 1
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We’ve seen some bad transactions in recent years in the NHL.

The one involving Pierre-Luc Dubois, who went from the Jets to the Kings… It’s probably one of the worst.

In fact, it’s definitely one of the worst.

It’s mostly the Quebecer’s $8.5 million annual salary that’s the problem right now.

Dubois racked up a meagre 40 points (16 goals) in 82 games in his first season in Los Angeles… And obviously, Kings management isn’t happy with his player’s performance.

It’s been so bad for him that there’s been talk of the Kings buying out his contract. If that were to happen, however, it would have to be soon… Because Dubois will be 26 on June 24, and the club’s penalty is only one third of the remaining contract for players under 26.

Our colleague Félix Forget wrote an article on the subject last night.

That said, it’s also worth noting that on July 1, a no-movement clause will activate in Dubois’s contract.

What this means… is that the Kings had better move quickly, if they’re no longer interested in the center’s services:

The Kings were eliminated in five games against the Oilers, and again, Dubois didn’t deliver the goods.

He scored just one goal in five games… and that was it.

It’s not for nothing that he’s being criticized left and right these days. Steve Bégin and François Gagnon picked him up yesterday on Martin Lemay’s show (BPM Sports)…

And Dubois also finds himself the target of criticism in Los Angeles.

What happens next will be interesting to watch, because the Kings will have a decision to make.

Do they trust Dubois enough to allow him to bounce back next year?

I find it hard to believe that any team would want him at the salary he’s making. And if the Kings have to keep part of his salary to trade him, remember that he still has seven years (!!!) left on his contract.

What a bad acquisition.

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