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David Perron: “I’ve always dreamed of playing in Montreal”.
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This summer, David Perron will be as free as a bird.

The 35-year-old veteran still has plenty to give to an NHL club, having racked up 47 points (17 goals) in 76 games this season with the Red Wings.

What’s next for him?

The Quebecer answered the question in an interview with Martin Lemay (BPM Sports), and talked about the possibility of playing in Montreal.

In his eyes, it would be a dream because he grew up supporting the Flanelle…

In other words, Perron is very open to the idea of finishing his career in the city.

And he’s not closing the door on being part of the organization, even after his playing career:

If it doesn’t happen as a player, it may happen later. – David Perron

Kent Hughes wants to get his hands on natural attacking talent, and Perron is ticking that category off.

On the other hand…

At 35, you have to wonder if he can really fit into Martin St-Louis’ line-up.

He shouldn’t block the youngsters… Because development is important in Montreal for the coming years.

It’s a bit like the Steven Stamkos situation, basically.

Kent Hughes likes to base his decisions on his club’s long-term success, and there’s that in the equation too.

David Perron has what it takes to help the club in the short term… But has the Habs reached that point in their rebuild?

Would it (really) be worth bringing Perron to Montreal for two or three years, given that he’s nearing the end of his career?

Although… Perron won the Stanley Cup with the Blues in 2019, and the Habs could trust him because he has the experience to guide the youngsters.

David Perron in Montreal this summer, yes or no?

In gusts

– Can he do more than 35 next year?

– Good.

– Absolutely.

– Jim Montgomery expects a big game from his captain.

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