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Jacob Fowler learns French at university

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Jacob Fowler learns French at university
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
At the Habs, we sense that for many players, learning French is important. Not for everyone, of course, but for some guys it is.

Without learning French, posting in both languages on social networks is easy. It only takes a few seconds to translate a text online.

That’s what Lane Hutson and Jacob Fowler did recently when they had a “conversation” in French online.

To see that Fowler responded “you’re the man” instead of saying you’re the man is interesting. But it’s even more interesting knowing that he’s taking advantage of his time at university to improve his French.

After all, the communications major had to take a language course as part of his program. And as reported by Jean-François Chaumont, who works for the NHL, he chose French.

When you consider that part of his family is from Quebec and that he was drafted by the Habs, it’s not a surprising choice. It’s also a good thing he’s getting better at speaking the language of Molière.

In fact, Fowler has confirmed that he’ll be back at university next season. We suspected as much, given that it was the right thing to do, but now it’s official.

He’s been thinking about his business and talking to a lot of people to make sure he made the right decision, and now it’s done: Boston College will once again be his home in 2024-2025.

His goal? To win the Frozen Four and not just play in the final games of the NCAA season.

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– Rod Brind’Amour in Seattle?[HF]

– The Canucks need to take more than 20 shots on the opposing net. That hasn’t happened yet in the first round.

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