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Samuel Montembeault turned down Hockey Canada’s invitation
Credit: Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Samuel Montembeault is coming off an eventful season. Initially part of a three-man rotation, his role grew after the deal that sent Jake Allen to the Devils.

Despite some tougher numbers at the end of the season, the goalkeeper made good progress, while being given greater responsibilities. He was tasked with facing the NHL’s top teams and did very well indeed.

After the conclusion of the season, he chose to rest this summer, rather than go to the World Hockey Championships. He will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a full summer season to train, something he missed last year. He spoke to The Gazette’s Stu Cowan on the subject.

“I wasn’t able to start training until July last year. I want to have more time to rest and train fully” – Samuel Montembeault

While accumulated fatigue undoubtedly played a role in his end-of-year slump, he’ll have the chance to arrive refreshed and ready for the start of training camp.

These are not Montembeault’s only plans for the summer. He’s planning a trip to Europe and the purchase of land in Trois-Rivières to eventually build himself a house.

His decision to decline Hockey Canada’s invitation is understandable, but it could have repercussions for future world-class events where Canada sends a delegation.

In 2025, Finland, Sweden, the USA, and Canada will hold a summit showdown, and the Olympic Games will be contested the following year.

Montembeault has a real chance of breaking into the Canadian line-up for these two events, but could lose a few points by refusing.

However, unlike Nick Suzuki, he has already taken part in last year’s World Championship and won the gold medal with some excellent performances. You don’t forget that.

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– We still remember that game.

– It’s still a lottery.

– There are some interesting names.

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