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Michael Pezzetta cuts his hair for a child with cancer
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Michael Pezzetta’s main asset: his hair.

When he’s skating, it’s hard to miss his majestic mane. This summer, however, he’ll be unrecognizable.

He’s just cut part of his hair.

However, this hair appointment went beyond the fact that he wanted to give himself a new look. In fact, the cut hair will be gathered to form a wig for a child with cancer, who unfortunately lost theirs.

Pezzetta admits it himself: his hair is an integral part of his appearance, and he hopes it can give the child back his own pre-illness look .

It’s an excellent gesture from the Canadiens’ forward, who really wanted to do it. He says in the video below that getting a wig isn’t cheap, but that the volunteers will give these wigs to the youngsters for free.

The volunteers don’t ask for any money in return.

The Pez encourages you to donate HERE and help children in need. It costs nothing, and hair grows back anyway.

In a gust

– Very strong for a bust.

– At least it’s correct.

– To listen.

– Dominance.

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