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World Championship: Suzuki’s refusal does not please Michel Bergeron
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With the regular season now over, fans and experts can focus on the playoffs.

In addition to the spring dance, there’s the World Hockey Championship on May 10.

We’ve learned that Caufield will be there.

However, there was a surprising response from captain Nick Suzuki regarding his participation.

Suzuki has refused to take part in the World Championship.

And that didn’t sit well with Michel Bergeron.

Bergeron feels that the captain is missing out on a great opportunity to make a name for himself. It would also give him arguments for selection for the next Olympic Games, or even the Four Nations Tournament.

When I think of great athletes like [Alex] Ovechkin, when his team was eliminated, who rushed to rejoin his team for the world championships… Now I see Suzuki, and I’m told he’s tired. Tired of what? – Michel Bergeron

To answer Mr. Bergeron, I must point out that Suzuki had to carry the club on his shoulders all season, and he’s been there ever since he arrived in the NHL.

He hasn’t missed a single game since his arrival in the NHL.

I can understand why he’s tired of this miserable season.

Besides, as Marc P. Dumont points out, it’s not Suzuki’s priority right now, nor that of the Montreal Canadiens.

Dumont mentions in one of his recent articles that it won’t be his performance at this tournament that determines his presence at the Olympics.

“Playing this summer would increase Suzuki’s chances of playing in 2026 (at the Olympics). But that’s only a small part of the puzzle. Right now, the Habs need Suzuki to be perfectly healthy for next season.” – Marc P. Dumont.

It’s really his performance next season that will determine whether he deserves to go to the Four Nations Tournament and the Olympics.

As for me, it’s written in the sky that Suzuki will represent Canada at these two tournaments.

His leadership and versatility on the ice are already making a strong case for his selection.

What he’s done this year on a lower-ranked team full of young players is quite incredible. He has been the undisputed leader of the team, game after game, and we can expect to see even more from him next year.

What do you think?

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