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Recent performances by Hutson and Mailloux make us forget Reinbacher
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The Canadiens played two games this week.

The club was in Detroit on Monday…

And the next day, the Wings visited the Bell Centre.

At both games, we had the opportunity to see Lane Hutson in action.

Fans had been waiting a long time for him… And his arrival in Montreal created quite an atmosphere.

The same can be said for Logan Mailloux, because he (too) had the chance to play his first career NHL game.

Both defensemen did well, and that’s what we’re talking about this week.

That said… We haven’t talked about David Reinbacher in the last few days, because we seem to have “forgotten” him with the performances of the two young players.

We’re talking about the fifth overall pick in the last draft, but he’s in the shadow of Mailloux and Hutson at the moment.

What’s more, Reinbacher is doing well in Laval:

Does that mean it’s a bad thing?

In my eyes, absolutely not.

The hype surrounding Mailloux and Hutson at the moment allows Reinbacher to have a calmer head…

And it allows him to concentrate on the serious stuff, instead of thinking about what’s being said or what’s happening in the media world.

The Habs sent him back to Europe this season to give him some peace of mind, and by necessity, that’s what’s happening right now, because it’s Mailloux and Hutson who are stealing the spotlight in Montreal.

Next season, however, is likely to be different, as expectations of Reinbacher are set to return.

Let’s not forget, after all, that we’re talking about a fifth-round pick…

And he’ll have to produce, because we know how intense the market is in Montreal.

That said, if Hutson, Mailloux, Slaf, Suzuki or even Caufield are able to take some pressure off him because of the media coverage, it will only help.

In a gust

– Cute.

Let’s go!

– After the Sabres… The Bills?

– I like it.

– Um…

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