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Even if he’s available, the Habs won’t draft Cole Eiserman (according to Tony Marinaro)
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The Canadian’s fate has yet to be decided for the upcoming draft.

What we do know…

With last night’s win over the Coyotes, the Habs are guaranteed the fifth-best chance of winning the lottery (at 8.5%).

The lottery will take place on May 6 or 7, and that’s when we’ll have a better idea of what’s in store for the Habs at the draft.

That said, we can already start thinking about the players who will interest the club if it drafts between positions 5 and 7, which is likely.

There are some names we already know super well, and Cole Eiserman is one of them, because he’s scoring goals at an impressive rate with the American development program.

But even if he is available, according to what Tony Marinaro said today on the radio (BPM Sports), the Habs aren’t going to select him :

Let me tell you something. According to the information I have today, Eiserman is available when the Habs draft? They won’t select him. – Tony Marinaro

The thing is, Eiserman is a one-dimensional goal scorer who doesn’t have a big impact on the ice if he doesn’t produce offensively.

But even so, David Ettedgui (BPM Sports) thinks it could work because Martin St-Louis is good at working with youngsters:

At one point in the last few months, Eiserman was being talked about as a potential top pick along with Macklin Celebrini.

We could see him scoring endless goals, and that’s what made him so attractive to scouts.

But things are different today… Because his work ethic leaves something to be desired and because he doesn’t always behave properly on the ice.

Should the Habs, who are working hard to change the organization’s culture, draft a guy who is criticized for this?

Cole Eiserman has a blistering shot, and if he’s able to understand his potential, he’ll become an excellent NHL player.

He’s got to put in the effort to get there, though… And therein lies the problem.

Because we can say it openly. When you look at his highlights in depth, it’s hard not to salivate at the idea of seeing him fill the net in Montreal, even if he has his flaws :

In gusto

– That would be special.

– Can it work?

– Emmett Croteau goes to a new school.

– Solid.

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