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Kaiden Guhle, the next Habs general (according to Stéphane Robidas)
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Not much was known about Kaiden Guhle before the Canadiens selected him with the 16th pick of the 2020 draft.

The defenseman played in the West (WHL) and wasn’t talked about as the next NHL star.

That said, we’ve grown to love the left-hander since his arrival in Montreal.

Guhle will probably never be a 45-50+ point defenseman, but he excels defensively, and we agree that’s what he’s best at.

He’s used against the best opposing trios because he has the skills to do so and because Martin St-Louis trusts him…

And the good thing is that Guhle is already playing against the best players on the other side, even though he turned 22 in January.

The club’s defense coach, Stéphane Robidas, was on Martin Lemay’s show on BPM Sports and had nothing but good things to say about #21:

I have no doubt about it (that Guhle can be a general on a championship team) […] The more he plays against the best players, it seems he’s always able to raise his game. – Stéphane Robidas

When you look at him on the rink, you wouldn’t know Kaiden Guhle was 22.

He acts like a pro, he’s not afraid of adversity… And he shows up for every game, without exception.

He has the elements and the character to become an excellent leader in Montreal, and I’m not afraid to say it because Guhle has already worn the “C” on his jersey in junior and with the Canadian squad at the World Junior Championship.

If he’s also capable of becoming one of the NHL’s good, bad defensemen … It’s going to be really nice to see.

The only thing I wish for him in all this, though, is to stay healthy.

He’s played 70 games this season with the Habs, but he’s been injured more than once in recent years.

The Habs will need him when they’re ready to compete with the best clubs in the National League.

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