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Juraj Slafkovský: plans are afoot for his little sister to come and live with him in Montreal
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When Juraj Slafkovský arrived in Montreal, we heard a lot about his life story. The young man had had to leave home in Slovakia at the age of 14 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional hockey player.

He had to learn to fend for himself at a very young age… but it seems to have paid off.

Obviously, it instilled a certain maturity in the youngster, and helped forge his character. It also helped him become a better player, as we’re seeing with the Habs this season.

And it looks like another member of the Slafkovský family could soon be doing the same: Juraj’s little sister Lucia could be coming to live in Montreal on a regular basis.

And should that happen, Juraj would love his 14-year-old sister to come and live with him.

Slaf says (perhaps a bit jokingly) that he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to take care of her since he’s not always able to take care of himself, but the habs forward’s family was in town in the last few days and the girl loved her experience in town.

Lucia excels in swimming, and could also leave home to become a top athlete. Juraj is convinced that his younger sister has the talent to take part in the Olympic swimming games.

We know that the family’s parents have already had this opening with Juraj, and the fact that Lucia could live with Juraj is probably something that must reassure the parents. In fact, Juraj believes it would force his parents to visit him more often.

On the other hand, it would also be good news for the youngster and for the Habs. If Juraj takes care of his sister, he’s less likely to be tempted by Montreal parties. And that’s good news for the club too.

So we’ll see if the plan materializes over the next few months, but it would be a great story to see the Slafkovský kids reunited in Montreal. And who knows, maybe one day Juraj’s “brother” Filip Mesar will join them too.

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