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The Canadiens in Quebec City and the Nordiques minister’s impossible dream
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A few days ago, Éric Girard, Minister of Finance and Nordiques at the provincial level, met with Gary Bettman.

His goal? To remind him that Quebec City is in the picture, both for an NHL expansion franchise and for regular-season games at the Centre Vidéotron.

In the former case, we know the chances are slim of seeing the Nordiques revived. David Ettedgui doesn’t think it’s impossible, but let’s just say that the path isn’t as clear as it was for Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Houston.

And what about the Habs in Quebec City for regular games?

We know that Minister Girard’s wish is to see the Habs play regular-season games in Quebec City, but that doesn’t mean it’s the Habs’ wish, who have to deal with the issue publicly.

And on this subject, we’ve set the record straight.

In today’s text on the BPM Sports website, Réjean Tremblay mentioned that France-Margaret Bélanger had said that no, the Habs weren’t going to play home games in Quebec City.

Because of all the employees who work at the Bell Centre and all the complications associated with hockey revenues, the Habs never play home games anywhere but the Bell Centre. Season-ticket holders are also a consideration.

Could another team play a home game in Quebec City and invite the Habs as a visiting club? We don’t know.

Normally, the expenses of a club playing a home game away from its arena are covered. And we’ve learned, thanks to the Kings, that this is also the case for preparatory games.

Clearly, the Habs don’t want to go to that trouble, as Renaud Lavoie explains in this article. That’s their choice, and it’s the right one.

It should be noted, however, that the Habs are not closing the door on the possibility of returning to Quebec City for preparatory games. That’s a different matter.

Geoff Molson is once again in favor of the Nordiques’ return. And he knows that many people don’t believe him when he says this.

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– I say two.

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– Toronto gets a boost.

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