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Coyotes: players not (really) excited about Salt Lake City
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Since the start of the day, things have been moving extremely fast in the Coyotes’ file. This morning, we learned that the NHL had planned a 2024-25 contingency schedule in which the Coyotes would play in Salt Lake City… and a few hours later, it almost seems as if the Coyotes are done in Arizona.

As we speak, Frank Seravalli puts the odds of a move at 90-95%. It went very quickly.

We should have official news in the next few days(April 18 is a date to keep an eye on), but the players have been told that the project is up in the air…

But obviously, not everyone is happy about it.

Craig Morgan, who is very well connected to what’s going on with the Coyotes, told a PNNX Sports podcast earlier this evening that the players aren’t exactly excited about the prospect of playing in Salt Lake City.

In a way, it’s surprising news considering that the club would finally have some clarity on its long-term future. If the project comes to fruition, the guys wouldn’t have to constantly wonder where they’ll be playing in a few weeks.

That said, it makes sense when you consider that some players are attached to the market. We know that some of the guys went to defend the project during the referendum for the project in Tempe, a project that was rejected by the city.

But it makes even more sense when you consider that the guys will be moving from a hot market in Arizona to a market more like Montreal’s in Salt Lake City. It’s warmer in Utah than in Montreal, but it’s a far cry from the winter months when guys can live in shorts, let’s say. Just ask Jonathan Huberdeau, who moved from Sunrise to Calgary and had to sell his magnificent sports cars for a good old-fashioned pick-up truck.

We’ll see if the players eventually warm up to the idea of playing in Salt Lake City… but let’s not forget that less than a year ago, Clayton Keller’s father (who said he’d been hacked) said his son would never play for the Coyotes again following the failed project in Tempe.

Circumstances are different… but we’ll see if this time, the Coyotes have to deal with a ton of transaction requests should the move be confirmed.

In bursts

– That’s a good way of putting it.

– To be continued.

– Florian Xhekaj will wear #63 in Laval.

– I think so too.

– Golf lovers beware.

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