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Francis Bouillon explains that Barron must “put more into the game”.
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To the left of the blue line, the Habs have good depth.

It’s thinner on the right, though.

David Reinbacher, Justin Barron and Logan Mailloux are the Habs’ top three (right-handed) defensive prospects… And of the lot, it’s certainly Logan Mailloux who’s had the most impressive season.

It’s a bit unfair on Reinbacher because he was playing in Europe for a club that wasn’t capable of winning. So let’s take him out of the equation.

Between Mailloux and Barron, on the other hand, the conclusion is clear. One showed he was still progressing, while the other had a tough time in the National League before being traded to the American League.

Mailloux had such a great season that,in the eyes of Jean-François Houle (98.5 FM), the player could be “knocking on the NHL door” as early as next year :

Justin Barron has great potential and the tools to become a major player in Montreal within the next few years.

But Francis Bouillon, who works with the organization’s youth, said out loud what many are thinking about the defenseman during a recent appearance on the La Poche Bleue podcast.

Barron has to give more, he has to get more involved on the ice:

Again, I’ve always felt that this is a guy who needs to put more into the game. – Francis Bouillon

Bouillon explains that Barron has incredible talent, is a good skater and has superb vision of the game, but his involvement isn’t always there on the ice.

And therein lies Justin Barron’s biggest flaw, because he often looks lazy on the ice. And to hear it from an Habs employee, it puts the situation in even sharper focus.

Things have settled down a bit lately, and the defenseman is playing a quality game. He had some good moments before being recalled by the Habs, and he’s been doing well ever since.

I hope he’s gotten the message… because he may be playing his position for next season.

In gusto

– Still…

– I love it!

– 22 years old already…

– He’s important to the Habs.

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