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Lane Hutson: “I wouldn’t say no to finishing the season with the Canadiens”.
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Lane Hutson will take part in the NCAA’s famous Frozen Four tournament.

The plan for what’s to come is not 100% established…

But the player himself seems to have a clear idea in mind. And that’s going to please all those who follow the Habs.

In an interview with Jean-François Chaumont (NHL), the diminutive defenseman confessed that he’d like to finish the season in Montreal.

We knew it was a very real possibility… But to hear him say it from his own mouth, it’s different:

I wouldn’t say no to finishing the season with the Canadiens. We’ll see. – Lane Hutson

Obviously, the little defender is focused on his club’s success between now and the end of the season.

He wants to win it all with BU, but you can tell he’s thinking about the NHL just the same:

In the interview, the Canadiens prospect also told Jean-François Chaumont that he takes great pride in his defensive play this year.

It’s something he wanted to work on, and that’s exactly what he’s done. He has put in the necessary effort to improve and, in his eyes, the results are there.

Lane Hutson has nothing left to learn at university level and is ready to make the leap to the pros. He’s been dominating the NCAA for two years, after all…

But it’s worth remembering that the defenseman may only play a game (or two) between now and the end of the Habs season. If his club goes all the way, which there’s a good chance it will… Hutson will end his season on April 13.

The Canadiens will play their last two games of the season on April 15 and 16, against the Red Wings. That said, the goal is to get him to play at least one game to burn a year off his contract.

We’ve been looking forward to seeing Lane Hutson in a Montreal Canadiens uniform for so long… and it looks like we’re getting closer.

The next few weeks should be interesting.

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