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8 losses in 9 games: John Tortorella is to blame for the Flyers’ failings
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John Tortorella is unique.

He has a way of doing things that is not popular with many, and he relies on his experience to make the big decisions.

That said, things aren’t going in his favor right now.

Torts decided to send a clear message to his group by leaving out team captain Sean Couturier.

He also left the podium after being questioned about his goalie’s performance just under two weeks ago…

And recently, the Flyers coach came out publicly after a game, saying his players don’t know how to play hockey.

The result?

The Flyers have lost eight of their last nine games.

This is crucial, because Philly is in the thick of the playoff race right now:


Torts has lost his room and the Flyers players aren’t playing like they should.

It’s normal in a way… Because when your coach criticizes you publicly, the message can be hard to swallow.

John Tortorella has made some bad decisions, and he’s in the news for the wrong reasons more often than not.

But right now, the conclusion is clear: Torts has really gotten away with it… And he must be blamed for the Flyers’ recent failures.

It’s a shame, because Philly was expecting a season of misery.

The Flyers’ coach was able to turn the tide, but he’s sinking his club more than anything else.

We might have expected him to make the leap to the club’s top management next year, but with his recent behavior… Is the idea still as glorious among the executives there?

The question arises…

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– To be continued.

– Really?

– Well done!

– Yep.

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