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Lane Hutson: a negative wave surrounds hope
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As you know, Lane Hutson is the talk of the town.

The defender is on the verge of finishing his NCAA campaign: he has one or two games left (April 11 and 13) this season, after which he’ll either be eliminated or crowned Frozen Four winner.

The plan? See the hopeful land in Montreal to finish out his season and burn a year on his contract.

That’s how it works for NCAA hopefuls, because they’ve got big power. After all, if a CHL prospect doesn’t sign with the NHL team that drafted him, he goes back to the draft.

But an NCAA prospect eventually becomes a free agent.

That’s why prospects like Jordan Harris, Sean Farrell and company end up playing in the NHL quickly… and why that’s probably what Lane Hutson is facing.

Nobody wants a Cutter Gauthier 2.0 in Montreal…

Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have to deal with that reality, because those are the rules. But right now, there’s a wave of negativity surrounding the young man’s potential arrival.

First, there’s Jean Perron, who’s fed up with hearing Lane Hutson’s name. He says he has nothing against the young man, but he wants to stop hearing his name every day.

The former coach wants to see him make his mark in Laval, which is possible in 2024-2025. The game or two he plays with the Habs at the end of the season won’t change the fact that he’ll have to earn his place at the next camp.

Sean Farrell is a good example: he finished last season in town and hasn’t played a single game in Montreal this year.

It’s also worth mentioning that journalist Jean-Nicolas Blanchet is fed up with the Habs kowtowing to a university playeramong the negative wave around the prospect.

He doesn’t like to see the team not put forward.

Remember that in recent days, Dany Dubé has also expressed concern about the situation, saying that the Habs must sign the young defenseman as soon as possible when it’s feasible to do so.

In short, it’s time for him to come to town.


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