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Canadien: the future of METAL! is in the hands of the fans
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The Canadiens’ main mascot is Youppi! and no one can question that.

But in recent years, the Habs have also introduced fans to METAL! It’s a blue mascot that came out when the Habs had their famous powder-blue jerseys.

And like the jersey, there seemed to be a curse around the mascot.

Clearly, METAL! isn’t the world’s most beloved mascot, and it seems to have popular favor against it. We haven’t really seen him this year, and that’s okay.

But now, on April 1 (note the date), the Habs have taken it out of the mothballs on social networks.

And why? Because the Flannel wants to know how much fans want to see it on a more regular basis. That’s why a poll was conducted on the Habs website.

And when I say a “poll” was taken… I invite you to remember the date.#AprilFest

On the site, we see that the hyperlink starts with 0401, which represents today’s date.

In the article, where METAL! is touted as if it were the eighth wonder of the world, the irony is clear. A case in point? This passage from habs.

The publications in which it appears are inundated with comments expressing widespread enthusiasm for the mascot, such as: “Who’s the genius who thought of that?

The Canadiens’ poll concerns the number of games METAL! should work in 2024-2025, and the choices are: 4, 8 or none. And when you answer, you have no choice but to conclude that you’ve voted for 41 games.

Conclusion: the Habs wanted to trick their fans with a harmless April Fool’s joke that doesn’t hurt anyone.


– Now that’s a quality April Fools’ Day from Mr. Jets. Or not.

– Now that’s not an April Fool’s joke.

– The series starts this month.

– He’s good.

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