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World Championship: Cole Caufield changed his mind in seconds
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Cole Caufield didn’t have the season of his career in 2023-2024. And that’s despite playing better defensively and becoming an excellent passer.

After all, since he’s paid to score goals, let’s hope that in the next few years he’ll be able to find the back of the net more regularly.

I’m with Maxime Truman on this one, for what it’s worth.

To prepare for next season, Caufield will have the choice of staying at home or going to the World Championships. Because yes, I assume the Americans will invite him.

But what’s interesting, as reported by Arpon Basu, is the reaction of the main interested party to the possibility of going to represent his country in the coming weeks.

In fact, in the last few days, Caufield was asked about the possibility of representing his country at the World Championships.

His first response was this, giving us the impression that it’s not his priority.

I’ll keep that in mind. Let’s finish the season here and see. – Cole Caufield

Afterwards, the player was told by the journalists on hand that, in the eyes of US GM Bill Guerin, a player who wants to play in next year’s Four Nations Tournament or the Olympics would be well advised not to say no to the USA this spring.

And then his answer changed. Even Arpon Basu pointed out how quickly he changed his mind in his paper. I think that’s normal.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it’ll be this year. – Cole Caufield

Unlike the last few weeks, when Caufield often missed training sessions, he seems to be healthy at the moment. I have a feeling that if the Americans call, he won’t necessarily say no.

Remember that last year, he wasn’t healthy and didn’t go to represent his country.

In a row

– It’s the year-end team photo this morning at the Bell Centre.

– Definitely.

– The playoffs begin in 19 days.

– Will it be accepted?

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