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Arber Xhekaj confirms he received advice from Georges Laraque
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If there’s one polarizing name in Quebec that instantly creates something viral, it’s that of former National Hockey League player George Laraque, who has been hosting his radio show on BPM Sports for several years.

In fact, we learned from Maxime Truman in the ninth episode of the Stanley25 podcast that George Laraque’s radio show is number one in Montreal in terms of ratings.

If you still haven’t listened to this ninth episode, I suggest you do so.

We understand that George Laraque is a monument in the Quebec sports world, which explains why his name attracts so much attention.

Imagine, then, if his name were associated with another highly polarizing name, this one directly associated with the Montreal Canadiens.

I’m talking, of course, about Arber Xhekaj.

Xhekaj is probably the favorite player of many Habs fans, and at worst, the fourth-favorite player after the three forwards on the first line: Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slafkovsky.

Everyone loves Xhekaj for his rugged style of play and the fact that he’s fearless and doesn’t hesitate to throw down the gloves.

In short, when you combine the names Laraque and Xhekaj, it clearly becomes something big, especially when George Laraque confirms that he gave Arber Xhekaj advice on how to fight.

And now we’ve had confirmation from the other side, as Xhekaj told the Antichambre last night that Laraque had given him advice.

However, we didn’t expect Xhekaj to add any more names.

Indeed, the Habs’ #72 also stated that P.J. Stock and “Knuckles”, i.e. Chris Nilan, had also advised him on a few occasions.

Xhekaj explained that he was always in contact with Laraque, Stock and Nilan, and that they really took him under their wings.

The Sheriff then concluded by adding that his teammates Josh Anderson and Michael Pezzetta have also helped him a great deal since his arrival in the NHL.

In short, it’s great to see both Habs alumni and current players taking the time to advise and help an important young member of the Tricolore organization.

It really seems that everyone has realized just how special and, above all, unique Xhekaj is, and that with the right development and advice, he’ll be a key element in the Habs’ success for many seasons to come.

The Montreal Canadiens can count themselves truly fortunate to have Arber Xhekaj in their ranks.

Even if he wasn’t perfect, we can say a big thank you to Marc Bergevin (and his team) for this signing.

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– It’s a change to see a player express his emotions.

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– To be continued.

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– He’s a big help to the Flyers.

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