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Stanley25: Cole Caufield and his $100,000 f*ck money
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That’s the end of it!

No, unfortunately I’m not talking about wokism. Richard Martineau will have to be patient a little longer

I’m referring to the first season of the Stanley25 sports podcast, which I co-host alongside my good – and old – friend Jean Trudel. #10Episodes

We’ve just put our 9th episode online, an episode we decided to do with just the two of us, without guest(s), because we had so much stock to talk about this week.

To use a JT expression, we’ve dropped in a few baby scoops.

Among other things, Jean told us that Arber Xhekaj had received a fee of around $25,000 to name a La Chambre burger after Sheriff. Of course, there are a few details that can make this amount fluctuate, but it’s pretty close.

For his part, Cole Caufield costs around $100,000 for a day’s shooting and about the same sponsorship. That’s four times more than Xhekaj – which is to be expected, given Caufield’s status vs. Xhekaj’s – and it’s (much) more than the average annual salary in Quebec.

It’s only a short step to thinking that’s what McDo must have paid to make a special Cole Caufield burger, although Jean didn’t go so far as to link his $100,000 to the #1 fast-food company on the planet.

@9millions_ #Stanley25 How much does it cost to have Cole Caufield or Arber Xhekaj in a commercial? #LaChambre#McDo Excerpt from the Stanley25 podcast (episode 9). #MaxTruman #JeanTrudel ♬ original sound – 9millions

And according to JT’s confidences, agents often recommend that their players spend this money on things that make them happy. #F*ckMoney

As for me, I talked about Quebecor’s purchase of part of Attraction Médias, the top-rated show on BPM Sports, the (still) recent cuts to RDS, the resale of tickets to women’s hockey games, the movie Happy Gilmore 2 and the time I got into a solid fight with Jean-Charles Lajoie.

JT talked about Cole Caufield’s emotions, sports betting, Arber Xhekaj’s quiet life and the link between PKP ‘s Quebec nationalist side and the main sponsors of his Canadian football team, the Montreal Alouettes.

And of course, we revisited the Damphousse-Bélanger pairing, as well as Mason St-Louis’ injury. Spoiler alert: a doctor told us that the signs are very positive for the youngster…

Seriously, don’t sleep on the podcast content!

To think there’s only one episode left after this week’s…

We’re cooking up something cool for our 10th and final week of Season 1.

Breaking news

– CF Montréal: Opoku is the only player not training with the regulars today. Unfortunately, he’s not about to return to action

– Aaron Ekblad will be back in action.

– Auston Matthews may have to sit out tonight.

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